Just Right Law Takes Legal Action Against Discrimination and Retaliation in Burton, Michigan

In a significant development, the lawyers of Just Right Law filed a  lawsuit on October 30, 2023, against the City of Burton, Michigan, along with several individuals and entities, by Just Right Law. This legal action comes as a response to the pervasive discrimination, hostile work environment, and retaliation faced by two female officers and the Chief of Police in the City of Burton. Attorneys Muneeb M. Ahmad and Syed Hussain Akbar of Just Right Law have investigated the case thoroughly and found it to be justified and supported by evidence.

The Lawsuit Details

The lawsuit targets several parties, including Officers Kevin Jones, Kevin Kissel, and Dana Piazza, along with Councilwoman Tina Conley, for their roles in perpetuating a hostile environment characterized by discrimination based on National Origin, Sex, and Sexual Orientation.

In addition, the lawsuit seeks to hold the City of Burton, the Police Officers Labor Council for Command Officers, and Patrol Offices liable for their discriminatory and retaliatory toxic police culture, customs,  policies, and practices that target racial and ethnic minorities, females and/or LGBTQ police officers and employees within the City’s Police Department.

The Evidence

The evidence presented in the lawsuit highlights the City of Burton’s complicity in fostering a pervasive and toxic police culture within its Police Department. This environment subjected Plaintiffs to a hostile work environment, encompassing discrimination based on race, ethnicity, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, and associational discrimination. The lawsuit points to instances where Individual Defendants sought to undermine the authority and tarnish the reputation of Chief Ross, Sergeant Glasstetter, and Officer Conquest with knowingly false and defamatory narratives.

Furthermore, the evidence confirms that after reporting this discriminatory and retaliatory environment to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Defendant Councilwoman Tina Conley retaliated against Plaintiffs by targeting Sergeant Glasstetter with a false accusation of misconduct, which was later found to have no basis.

A Toxic Culture

The lawsuit reveals a pervasive and toxic culture within the City of Burton’s police department that discriminates against women, racial minorities, the LGBTQ community, and those who support these protected classes. This culture is not limited to patrol officers but is also prevalent among command staff. What makes matters worse is the City’s inaction despite numerous internal and external complaints regarding this discriminatory behavior.

A Call for Change

This lawsuit is a response to a concerted effort to intentionally retaliate against individuals who bravely stood up to the discriminatory and hostile conduct they faced. Just Right Law aims to hold those responsible accountable and effectuate much-needed change in how the City addresses claims of discrimination and the toxic, discriminatory culture that plagues its Police Department.

Just Right Law’s lawsuit against the City of Burton, Michigan, and various individuals and entities sheds light on the urgent need to address discrimination and retaliation within the City’s Police Department. It represents an opportunity to heal wounds and bring about positive change that will benefit all members of the community.

The press is encouraged to share this information with the public, and inquiries can be directed to Just Right Law for further information.